VSK has completed 35 years in the Financial Planning & Asset Advisory Services Field.

Test your Financial Health

Your financial health comprises of many aspects right from your saving and spending pattern to managing loans, making the right investments across different categories, identifying financial goals, etc. A financial health check-up will show where you presently stand money wise and enable you to plan better for the future. Take this quiz and be aware of your financial standing.

Q1: How liquid are your savings which could be availed easily in any emergency?

Q2: In the event of a job loss, how many months of your regular household expenses you can bear without having any fresh income?

Q3: Do you have adequate health insurance for self & family?

Q4: Do you think your dependants would have enough money if you died?

Q5: What percentage (%) of your monthly income goes towards payment of EMIs? (Home Loan, Car Loan, Personal Loan, Credit Card Loan etc.)?

Q6: Are you able to manage your loans?

Q7: Are you able to save regularly?

Q8: Do you invest your monthly savings regularly?

Q9: Have you mapped your current investments to specific goals?

Q10: Where do you invest?

Quiz Result

About VSK

We are a boutique firm having over 30 years of experience in the financial advisory domain. We offer specialised financial planning and investment management services which are not only consistent with your financial goals but also conform to your values, beliefs and your overall approach towards money.