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No. of complaints for July 2020

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Updated on 5th August 2020.
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Our Core Offerings

VSK offers comprehensive solutions relating to wealth preservation, wealth creation and contingency planning.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

“If you do not know where you are going, every road will get you nowhere” goes a popular saying. This philosophy also applies to our personal … Read more

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

People have a tendency to procrastinate things which they cannot envision in the distant future. That is why retirement usually figures at the bottom of the priority … Read more

Asset Advisory & Financial Life Management

Asset Advisory & Financial Life Management

Our objective is not just to sustain and grow long term wealth for our clients. We believe ‘Wealth’ needs to serve a … Read more

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

In order to provide financial security for loved ones, an individual works hard to build assets during his/her lifetime – be it investments, house property, plot of land, etc. … Read more

VSK Videos

Lockdown Lessons | How to Cope up financially?

The lockdown is being relaxed and we are now in what is called in social media as “Unlockdown 1”. We hope things will get better as the lockdown eases further, but today I want to talk about the past 3 months’ lockdown experiences and whether we can learn anything from them.


Loan EMI Moratorium extended by RBI – What should you do?

In the event of Covid19 crisis and the subsequent lockdown, the RBI announced a three-month moratorium on loan repayments 2 months ago. Anyone having a loan with banks and NBFCs could avail this benefit and did not have to make any repayments for the months of March, April and May. Now this relief has been further extended by the RBI till August. 2020 …

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Understanding Stock Market Risk

When a crisis occurs and something as enduring as the current Pandemic, stock markets can be really cruel. The scale and speed of the fall could be severely harsh wiping off even 10-year average returns in a brief period. It is natural to feel anxiety, confusion and fear about our investments. I am sure there would be many investors who have vowed never to invest in the stock markets again. There would be majority who have sold in this falling market. …

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